Midtown Social

The second you walk in to a Midtown Social concert, you’ll wish you had worn more comfortable shoes. With funky influencers like Sly and the Family Stone and Tower of Power, this San Francisco nine-piece ensemble released their debut album Down on Sixth, independently funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

A 2015 article from SF Gate quotes co-lead singer Kisura Hendrix on the band’s nonstop, dance off-like performances: “We want you to dance. We don’t want you to sit down. As long as we’re onstage, we’re going to keep playing and you’re going to be dancing.” 

Since 2012 Midtown Social has made their mission to spread change through culture, art, and music with their funk, rock, gospel, and blues-drenched “California Soul” sound. A diverse cast of talented musicians and a party-like atmosphere keep the band's loyal fanbase hooked.

Midtown Social will perform a brand new piece on the Stern Grove stage as part of the 79th season's Local Artist Commission Series, titled "Interplay: In Concert with Nature".

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Sponsored by:

The performance is dedicated to the memory of Rosalie Meyer Stern, founder of the Stern Grove Festival Association.

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