Mix’d Ingrdnts

Mix’d Ingrdnts was formed in 2012 by co-founders Jennifer “Jenay” Anolin and Samara Atkins as a creative outlet for women and girls to express themselves through urban dance education and performance. The Bay Area-based, all-women dance collective performs together in many styles, including hip-hop, ballet, house, and breaking. In addition to its members’ depth of skills, the group is made up of women from a variety of ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

Mix’d Ingrdnts also strives to educate youth through dance, impacting their lives so they have the ability to impact the lives of others. They offer classes for both youth and adults, andperform for youth at schools around the Bay Area.

Founders Anolin and Atkins met at an audition in 2008, and formed a friendship off their individual experiences feeling under-empowered by the position of women in dance culture. They formed Mix’d Ingrdnts to inspire young women to use dance as a way to build their confidence and strength, and to see beyond the typical objectification of women in the world of hip-hop dance.

 As part of Stern Grove Festival's Local Artist Commission Series, titled "Interplay: In Concert with Nature", Mix'd Ingrdnts will debut a never-before-seen dance piece.

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