Stern Grove Festival
Stern Grove Festival
Stern Grove Festival
Stern Grove Festival

Best of the Fest, Virtual Season 2020: June 14-Aug 16

Since 1938, our mission has been to make live music accessible to everyone. This year, because we’re unable to welcome you to the Grove, we decided to bring Stern Grove Festival to you!

Please join us for Best of the Fest, a series of video playlists featuring epic performances and footage from our archives, beautiful scenery of the Grove, and special guests!

Best of the Fest airs every Sunday at 4:30pm, June 14th through August 16th on KPIX-TV/Channel 5 with our season host Liam Mayclem. An extended version of the show will be posted here on our website, and on our Facebook page and YouTube channel at 5pm each Sunday.


Most Recent Episode - July 12

Best of the Fest Episode 5: Soulful Sunday. Click on the image to watch or click here.

Previous Episodes

July 5

Best of the Fest Episode 4: Jazz & R&B. Click on the image to watch or click here.

June 28

Best of the Fest Episode 3: Rock & Hip-Hop. Click on the image to watch or click here.

June 21

Best of the Fest Episode 2: Father's Day Funk. Click on the image to watch or click here.

June 14

Best of the Fest Episode 1: Sunday All-Stars. Click on the image to watch or click here.

Our schedule is:

June 14  Opening Day/Sunday All-Stars

June 21 – Father’s Day Funk

June 28 – Rock/Hip-Hop 

July 5 – Jazz/R&B

July 12 – Soulful Sunday

July 19 – Indie/Pop

July 26 – Celebrating Women

August 2 – World Music Day

August 9 – Summer Classics

August 16 – Best of the Fest Finale

This virtual season and our regular concert series would not be possible without your support.
Please donate if you can, and help us keep the beat alive. Thank you!



Show your support of Stern Grove Festival with a Best of the Fest t-shirt! We've also updated the two most popular designs
from last season to commemorate our first-ever virtual series. Proceeds from each shirt sold will help us continue our mission 
to provide free music and arts education programs for all.
To order, please click here


Black Lives Matter

At Stern Grove Festival, for generations, our mission has been to provide exceptional, free live musical experiences to the diverse communities that make up our Bay Area. And at this time, our Black community is in particular need of all of our support.  Police brutality, systemic racism and economic injustices are the result of an ill society that needs to be re-examined at every level and fundamentally changed. 

We want to help drive these changes. Our staff and Board are listening, reflecting on our own biases, educating ourselves, speaking up, and investing in organizations such as the ACLU and Black Lives Matter. We will examine our hiring practices, provide more training for our staff, and strive for more diversity on our Board. We know that we are just beginning the journey to becoming a more powerful ally for the Black community and we embrace the challenge.

The Festival has always made it our priority to promote an egalitarian society and to build community by bringing people together through intentionally diverse and free live music. We also provide free music and dance education to thousands of children in some of San Francisco's least-resourced communities. Music - and the distinct expression of its artists - can bring great healing to a community, so our mission continues.  

Black Lives Matter.